Saturday, December 1, 2012

PussyOwl by Stuart Wood

PussyOwl is a digital webcomic written and drawn by Stuart Wood. The comic started out as digital .gifs (short, 5 second animations) in 2005 but changed into a webcomic at the very start of 2012! Eleven months on and all the strips have been collected into a book, which also includes outtakes, a picture gallery, information about the .gifs and an alternative ending to one of the strips!

PussyOwl is of course based on the nonesense poem by Edward Lear called 'The Owl and The Pussycat', and Stuart has done a wonderful job of turning it into a funny, witty comic series. This story features anything random including frogs tied to balloons, an octopus filled with evil and a drug dealing platypus!

Stuart has a very modern style that suits the strip well, and his drawings would also suit a strip in The Dandy, and even more so in The Phoenix, which is a very modern-style comic! The series is clever and well drawn, so whereas it's sad to see PussyOwl come to an end I also hope Stuart continues to draw online or in comics in the near future!

You can order the book from the PussyOwl website on the 'Order' page. It costs just £9.99 with £2 shipping inside the UK and £3 everywhere else! Plus, you can even get Stuart to sign your copy - for free!

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