Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Graham's Onions for 2012!

Today the last adventure of my web-comic Graham's Onions for 2012! For the first time ever I've used an idea that Ken Reid used in his drawings (and many others over the years, but Ken Reid is my biggest influence for Graham). I've used normal black ink, mixed it with water and painted it onto the page, giving it a nice gray colour. Admittedly, I haven't done it perfectly, but it is only my first attempt!

In this episode I cover everything Graham has done this year, plus fit a little adventure in there at the end! I'm very proud of how far Graham has come in 2012, and how much my drawing has improved since series 1 (episodes 1 - 4)! I'm also impressed with how many stories I've written - it's suprisingly hard writing scripts about a kid who always saves the day using only some onions on a rope!

Anyway, wether you've read it before or if this is your first time seeing it, I hope you like the adventures! There will be more to come in 2013!

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