Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The above is a single panel from Nelson, portraying an ordinary day in Nel's life set in 1976, drawn by Luke Pearson. I think that this one picture is a perfect example of the action of the British comics industy around that time, and for somebody who wasn't alive in 1976, I can really see the impact that technology, such as mobile-phones, video games and, of course, the internet, has had on the industry.

Nelson is a fascinating book, in which over 50 talented artists each take a day in an ordinary girl's life and draw it, one day a year, from 1968 - 2011.

A truly magnificent read, Nelson is a book I'm sure will appeal to both older audiences, of which it will remind them of their childhood, and younger ones, even if to just get a taste of the past!

You can order Nelson as either a soft or hardcover volume from Blank Slate Books, here:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Carrots! It's Malcolm Magic!

Almost one decade ago, The Etherington Brothers decided to get together and take the leap by heading into comics, creating a brilliant new character called Malcolm Magic - the tale of an alcoholic rabbit who, after drinking a bottle of oil, is transported to another world - called Happy Hippy Dale (or " 'Appy 'Ippy Dale"). And now (well 2008 actually), the enitre series plus some bonus material is collected into one 320 page softcover book - The Big Kahuna Collection!

The story begins one fine night in the town of Fuzzton, in which a drunken Malcolm lets slip several jokes about snakes, in a bar filled to the brim with them. Dying for a drink, our thirsty rabbit spots a bottle on a small, wooden shelf. Naturally, he grabs the rusty can and throws it's contents down (later to find out he'd drunk a whole load of engine oil), and discover's Happy Hippy Dale for the first time.

But trouble is afoot! For the evil Bunny Bright Eyes was banished from Happy Hippy Dale forever, and is desperate to return. So using information from a captured Turtle called Robert, the ravenous rabbit builds a machine to return to the town, and hand over leadership to the snakes (who, by the way - are evil). And it's up to Malcolm and his friends, to stop him!

Sound intresting? To find out more you'll have to buy the book, which is avaliable online here for roughly £15:

Friday, February 24, 2012

The New Old Beano

A month ago The Beano took on a new look cover - bringing back a similar style to those of the 90's comics. So far we've seen four of them - and I really like the new style, but I wonder what other people think? Anyway, here they are in all their glory! (Take note of the background detail in the 2nd and 3rd ones.)

So - what do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fizog Ish. 1!

Now here's a comic I bet you haven't heard of! Fizog was launched in December 1994, with three main creators - Dean Wilkinson writing the scripts, and Mervyn Johnston and Lee Healey on art.

The cover star of the first issue was Lew's Talk - about a kid who when he said anything (and I mean anything) it came to life! A similar story to Freddy 3D, only without the 3D glasses, and the kid is called Lew... but you get the general idea. Any guesses as to what he said in the image below?

Next up is Garstang D'Gore's Not So Weird Tales, this time about a boy who collects insects, but ends up being pinned to some insect like aliens collection board, very gross humour! Artwork for this strip is by Lee Healey.

Meet Johnny Lightfingers - the world's worst pickpocket, who decided to steal a train, then go and rob his neighbour (who is from Arabia) whilst he is in the house! He ends up losing both his hands (but fear not dear readers, they grow back by the next issue)! Art by Mervyn Johnston.

This brings us on to Petes Past on Pals, a tale in which Pete befriends a group of ghosts he discovered in a graveyard (who only he can see) - the only thing is they hate him! Art by Nick Miller.

Skipping a few pages forwards we meet Bendy Wendy, a girl who can stretch inta almost anything, but instead of using it for good she makes people vomit and ends up hanging herself! Art by Phill Neill.

Billy Idle - the world's laziest boy (possibly even lazier than Benny Bones!). To show just how lazy he is, in this issue he sets fire to his room just so the fire birgade will rescue him and take him downstairs!

Marge Ick's Tricks is about a almost useless wannabe magician. I say 'almost' because sure she can magic up a full meal fit for a king, but the only down side is it's plastic! Art by Lee Healey.

The Crazy Adventures of... The Dead Family! Need I say more?

Brian Brine - The Big Fat Swine is the world's fattest School Biy, with a similar (but far more gruesome) story line to Billy Bunter. In the end of this first issue - he end's up eating his own leg! Without sharing!

Ratbag the dog is a great strip, all about the day to day life of a normal dog! Enjoy!

Billy, Ricky and Doodle is a story about two kids who find a magic fountain pen in a box with a do not open sign on it - called Doodle! Whatever he draws comes to life! A great story with yet more of Wilkinson's grissly humour! Love it!

Fizog also has a brilliant selection of jokes (called Fizog Funnies), here's my top three:




Just after Fizog was launched another comic came out - called Fizz. I noticed that in Fizz there was a kid reading a copy of Acne on his bed. Dean Wilkinson, the grand creator of Fizog, also happened to be the editor of Acne, so I asked him about it. He said:

"Fizz was the Acne owner trying to spoil Fizog. Nobody wanted to work for him any more as he was a bit of a dubious character. I got Fizz stopped as he was reproducing old Acne artwork without permission."

Some people eh?!

Ish. 2 soon!

(I am saying 'Ish' here because that's what was always used on the comic - i.e. - 'continued next ish', instead of issue.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Wacky First Year!

A year ago today, I decided to start the very blog you are reading now! Not only have I generally discussed comics, but have met some great and intresting people along the way! Plus - just a few weeks ago I reached my original goal of 10,000 views! Wow! So a great big thank-you to everybody who has supported me through this first year - if you like the blog please let others know!

Some great (and supportive) blogs to check out:

And a whole host more can be found on the right <- and left -> hand side!!



Sunday, February 12, 2012

TV Comic Annual 1961

This TV Comic annual was certainly good value for money when it was released back in 1960! Why? Because not only was it crammed full of great stories, but every single page is in full colour! The Beano wasn't even doing that in the 80's (the colour that is, not the stories...)!

The first story we start off with is 'Four Feather Falls', a western, based on the television show of the same name. I don't know if it has the same story as the show (although I doubt it), but basically what happens is there a wagon train heading to a small town, who are then joined by a group of Bandits who plan to steal their money when they stop. Art by Neville Main.

Lenny the Lion is a strange strip, based on Terry Hall's creation and drawn by Bill Mevin, the loveable Lion enjoys or suffers everyday adventures that ususally go wrong! Very funny and well thought.

Lochy - The Funny Wee monster is a story about a Scottish monster who gets up to pretty much anything, only it backfires each time! A brilliant story - and a similar sort of storyline to Lenny The Lion.

Mighty Moth was the strangest character in the book. A talking moth who can eat half a canoe in a number of seconds?! In one of the stories he is even considered a common moth - despite the fact he can wash himself and explain that he's just green because of some paint?! Artwork by Dick Millington.

Super Nan is my favourite strip, a good, clever idea with a funny theme! The sort of thing you would expect to find in the fleetway titles, but sadly this is the first time I've ever seen it, and she only has two pages.

There are also a few other stories including Coco the Clown, Packi, Red Ray, The Bakers' Dozen, Mark of the Scorpion and text stories Animals only and Larry the Lamb.

And how much did this book cost me? 25p! Baragin!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Star Cat - Phoenix Issue 5!

I thought James Turner's Star Cat story in the latest Phoenix comic was absolutely brilliant, so I'm going to look at it here - one part at a time!

So where else to start - than at the beautifully coloured, action pack first box!

Star Cat whoosing through the galaxy at top speed, been chased by some polo's and pigs that shoot lazers out of their noses! (Anyone who is new to the story will be confused at how they got into this position, but it would be a fruitless task!

Moving on now to panel numbers two and three, in which officer Plixx's legs continue to be made of jelly, but not any jelly - lime flavoured - "the flavour of FEAR!".

Boxes 4 - 6 focus mainly on Robot One stating that he is imune to the emothion 'fear'. He then takes a leak in his pants after a loud crash! Also in box six - Captain Spaceington announces his ingenious escape plan...

...which suddenly changes in panel number seven!

Panel's 9, 10 and 11 (I'm skipping number eight here) are brilliant! The Star Cat starts to wibble and wobble, possibly about to implode and then...

And it worked flawlessly, as well as making the best piece of scriptwriting for I've seen for aaaages!

Page two was also amazing (and time 'wasting' too - if you try and solve what the Pilot is saying, although it isn't time wasting if you enjoy it :D ), but I won't be revealing what happens here! To find out - pick up the latest issue of The Phoenix - on sale now for just £2.99!

(Advert for issue 6)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Unexpected Twist in the Tale!

This weeks Phoenix comic has a really shocking story inside for you! Daniel Hartwell's brilliantly written Pirates of Pangaea turns the entire story around completely, accompanied by Neill Cameron's amazing artwork! I'm not telling you what the twist is - you'll have to buy a copy yourself!

You can purchase a copy in Waitrose for £2.99, or get a subscription online. But be quick! Issue five comes out on Saturday!

My Fanart!

My fanart was posted onto The Etherington Brother's blog the other day! Awesome! The drawing in question is of Long Gone Don from The Phoenix - a story written by Robin and drawn by Lorenzo! You can check out their blog at:

Also - I got rid of my blog header intending to give my site a new look, but now I'm regretting it because I'm stuck for ideas for a new one!! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Atomic Comic!

Exciting news! Me and Harry Rickard have teamed up to create a comic fanzine called Atomic Comic! Issue one will be released in Febuary (online only at the moment - we 'aint rich enough to put it in the shops!), and will be released monthly from there! I'm very excited about the project - and we've already built up a little bit of interest amongst comic enthusiasts! We have recieved permission to use images from most companies, but Egmont sadly gave us a stern "No." - which means no Buster, Whizzer and Chips or any other fleetway funnies.

You can follow us to recieve regular(ish) updates on the magazine either on facebook:

or Twitter:

P.S. The cover shown above was a first draft, we have since changed the date (and the year!), and a few other bits and pieces! Also, the price is yet to be confirmed.