Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New and Reviews!

Several things to cover today on just one blog post! 

The Phoenix

First up, why should you buy the latest Phoenix comic? 

The answer - just look at that Jamie Smart cover - amazing! (Intrestingly, this is also the first Phoenix cover to feature a comic strip, which is just another reason as to why you should grab a copy!)


More Phoenix!

Also Phoenix related, editor David Fickling talks about the title and that children are still intrested in reading comics! You can read the article at The Telegraph's website here:


The Last Dandy!

The last copy of The Dandy is proving incredibly hard to find, with stores selling out within minutes after opening (if only sales had always been like this)! Fortunately you won't have to resort to eBay where copies are, on average, £10 each, as a Scottish newsagent has set up a website where you can buy one for just £3.99 a copy plus postage!



Does the name Laika sound familiar to you? It should, as it belonged to the first ever dog, and living animal, in space!

I recently bought the graphic novel Laika from Amazon, which was written and drawn by Nick Abadzis at the end of 2007. It's a great read and gets very emotional, the book is a genuine masterpiece.


Aces Weekly

Volume 2 of Aces Weekly has just been released, featuring some excellent new strips by some incredibly talented creators. If you haven't yet subscribed, be sure of visiting the website by clicking on the Aces Weekly logo on the right hand side of this page!

Also, Aces Weekly has a regulary updated blog which includes news and images about the comic and its creators. You can visit the blog here:


The Amazing Mr X Ready to Order

The Amazing Mr X was recently the spotlight of a competition and the entries have been collected into a book, ready to order by emailing: 

(I'm not sure of the price as I haven't ordered a copy yet.)

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