Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Break

I am calling a blog break as I have piles upon piles of drawing and colouring to do! I'm currently working on two stories, not revealing one of them, but the second is The Implausable Adventures Of Eric, who will appear in The Wizzo Comic and also get his own book! I originally got the name for Eric from one of the ledendary knights of the round table, which went on to inspire the first story! He's based on Sir Geraiant, who was also known as Erec!

Anyway, I'll be back in one or two weeks, so watch this space!

This title box is still in the middle of the colouring process!

I also have a page over on Devaint Art, so check it out every now and then!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

D.C. Thomson Firsts

D.C. Thomson firsts was published in 1978 by D.C. Thomson, and inside it's covers were the first eight comics published by them. In order of appearence the book includes The Beano, The Skipper, The Wizard, The Dandy, The Rover, The Hotspur, Adventure and The Magic comic (although they are listed in a different order on the cover). I remember purchasing it in a second hand bookshop a few years ago, going into a nearby cafe and opening it, only to become hugely disappointed by the number of text stories. I also recall my friend stating "This is why I didn't buy it, all those boring text stories..."

I guess what attracted me to the book was the first Beano. I'd been a Beano reader for a few years and it was the first comic I ever bought, and really wanted to read the first issue!

Also, the cover is really bright and exciting, a whole bunch of characters from five of the comics inside (The Beano, The Dandy, The Magic Comic, The Hotspur and The Rover). I recall challenging myself and my friend to name all the characters, but only managed a few from Beano, Dandy and Magic, as I didn't read the others.

A highly reccomended book for anybody wanting to read any firsts!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Phoenix Reveals It's Plumage - Part 3

It's finally arrived! (Okay, so maybe I have had my copy for a few days.) I'm not going to do much of a review of the first issue because there are already enough of those dotted all over thw world wide web! (I've linked a few of them at the bottom of the page.)

The original artwork for the cover of The Phoenix #1 - the pterodactyls were later covered up by the logo.

As I explained in a previous post (Phoenix Part 1) The cover of The Phoenix is not red as advertised, but blue. Neil Cameron, who drew the cover, explains:
"The above is an early / alternate version of the issue one cover - in the end, we decided that it looked a little too 'apocalyptic' and went for the blue-sky background used on the final cover."

Long Gone Don was another highlight for me. Drawn and written by the Etherington brothers, I have been looking forwards to this strip the most, and my patience was rewarded! It is a very strange start to a story (although it is actually the end - lost? I am!) story, in which Don drowns in a bowl of Oxtail soup only to find himself plummeting to earth in a land filled with oversized pencils and guitars!

Star Cat was the other highlight, drawn by James Turner. James' stories are always mad, filled with detail that's packed into every corner, and he made it funny! That's quite an accomplishment!

I was really looking forwards to The Pie Thief, something issue one was lacking (along with a few other stories as well). Fingers crossed it'll begin in issue two!!

Upon the launch of The Phoenix, everybody involved with it had a huge party at The Story House. There are some images over on The Phoenix website and on Sarah McIntyre's blog:

The Times has helped increase subscriptions and The Phoenix is well into the thousands now!

The above copy of The Times was filled in by Neil Cameron, who draws How to make Awesome Comics! Click on images for a larger version to see his endings! Blank pages which you can fill in are avaliable to download on The Phoenix website for free.

There has also been a delay in getting copies to Waitrose, but they hope to have the problem sorted soon!

Other reviews:



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monty Python Animation

I love Monty Python! It's by far one of the best comedies of all time! But without Terry Gilliam's animation the show wouldn't have been as great as it was. In this video Terry shows how he made his animation and how he put it all together! Brilliant! I'm currently working on a video of my own like his pram one - but it's a bit harder than it looks!

And below, is a classic example of his work. It's Konrad Pooh's and his Dancing Teeth! Enjoy...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Phoenix Reveals It's Plumage - Part 2

The Phoenix has arrived through people's doorsteps all over the universe - with some orders still to be sent out! If your's hasn't arrived don't fret, because some orders missed the delivery, but should be with you by Tuesday. If you are yet to subscrube (tut), then hurry up and do so! It's very easy, simply head on over to www.thephoenixcomic.co.uk/subscribe - choose the package you want (the pagkages ranges from the first five issues for £10 to a full year and binder for £99) and this fantastic comic will be on it's way to you! The other option is to go into you nearest Waitrose (which for me is a little over 10,000 miles) and pick up a copy there - if they have any in stock!

And if you unluckily missed out on picking up one of the 10,000 Issue Zero's you can now read the entire comic online over at their website! For free!

And! Pick up today's (Saturday's) edition of The Times for a free 8 page Phoenix pull-out!

Part 3 coming soon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Phoenix Reveals It's Plumage - Part 1

The Phoenix #0 - given away free with The Waitrose Weekend.

Okay, so the official launch isn't until Saturday 7th, but I'm away on holiday today so I'll start writing now.

And besides, the comic has already revealed a little of what it has in store with the swanky Issue #0, seen above! All the strips look promising, here's a few that stood out to me:

Star Cat, by James Turner - I was too late to subscribe to The DFC (I phoned up and the lady who answered said: "We're sorry, we aren't taking subscriptions because the comic may be closing down.") so never read any of his 'Super Animal Adventure Squad' stories, but I'm hoping to buy the book shortly. I have read, however, he since deceased online comic - Beaver and Steve!

"You are as cunning as you are perpendicular, my oblong overlord."

The Pirates of Pangaea by Daniel Hartwell (Writer) and Neill Cameron (Artist) - I enjoyed this preview even though (or so I've read) a lot of people didn't.

Planet of the Shapes by Rick Tangle - Very funny and short, I loved this story because it needs no words to describe what's happening. (Although a few sound effects such as WHACK! and WHIZZ! would have been nice.)

What Will Happen Next?! by Patrice Aggs - Very busy scenes spread out over two pages, reminds me of Leo Baxendale's The Shake Squad, The Lion Lot etc.

Long Gone Don by The Etherington Brothers, The preview poster was incredible! So much happening and so detailed - really can't wait until the story begins! Look thrilling!

The Phoenix website has a much better way of explaining what's within it's pages though:

The free taster comic was part given away free if you quoted the code printed inside the Waitrose Weekend (It was nothing creative, just: PHOENIX1). Since I'm in New Zealand, I failed to pick grab a copy of this Waitrose Weekend - does any body have one to spare? (I'm not too sure about this - but I think other Waitrose Weekend's had little bits and bobs to do with The Phoenix within them?)

All 10,000 Isuue #0's have been given away, and hopefully you recieved one in it's smashing envelope through your door! I'd love to recieve one of these every week!

The Phoenix is avaliable to order by subscription over on their website, but it will also be on sale in Waitrose and Tales on Moon Lane (a little bookshop in London). I'd reccomend subscribing because you get the envelope and (if you subscribe to 6 months or 1 year) you get a free Phoenix binder!

Bruno Barker holding Issue 1 of The Phoenix! (Although, over on The Phoenix comic's website instead of a red background it is blue?)


art 2 coming soon!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012!

Happy new year! If you are yet to get a calender for 2012 - why not print out this excellent one drawn by Ken Reid for 1975 - just make sure you change the days, and add a 29th on Febuary.

2011 has been a great year for me - not only have I more than doubled my comic collection, but I also created this blog which, since Febuary, has recieved over 7,000 views including those from many artits such as Mark Bennington, Nigel Parkinson and Andy Fanton to name a few! Plus! This is my 100th post! So, for absolutely no reason what-so-ever, here is #100 of The Dandy and The Beano!