Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Information about the Digital Dandy

Packaged with my copies of the latest Beano and Dandy was a sheet telling me all about the Digital Dandy!

The digital version of the comic will be launched on 4th December from The Dandy's website (, and will work on PC, Android and Apple devices, with each issue updating automatically.

The prices for the digital comic are:

£1.49 per week

£3.99 per month

£19.99 for 6 months

£29.99 per year

We are now only days away from the final issue of the print Dandy and the exciting launch of the digital version! Exciting but sad times for all comic fans.

A few images from inside the final print Dandy have been revealed, the Harry Hill one from Nigel Parkinson's blog and the others from The Daily Mail.

Whilst you still can, why not head out to the shops and grab a Dandy - only £1.99 (and a Beano to go with it)!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you will get the Digital Dandy free until your subscription runs out?

George Shiers said...

I think we do get the Digital Dandy until our subscritions, since subscribers have already payed for a six month subscription it should work that way.