Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last Dandy for 2012

Out now is the final Digital Dandy for 2012, avaliable to read for £1.49, or 100 Dandy credits. Inside the comic are brand new adventures of The Numskulls, Retro Active and Brassneck as well as reprints of Growlph, Angry Nerds and Not So Deadly 60.

The highlight for me is Jamie Smart's version of The Numskulls, which gives us a far more wacky look at this classic story! Although for me Barry's version in The Beano starring Edd will always be my favourite Numskulls, I really enjoy Jamie's version!

Bananaman is the other highlight, a very funny strip even if it is told one panel at a time (like all the stories), which occasionally can be a bit slow moving.

In general, the animation in The Dandy is getting better by the issue, and it is a comic I am definatly going to be sticking with, as it has very funny strips and stories that will keep you coming back to find out more! If you haven't yet purchased an issue, head over to The Dandy website and get one, it's only £1.49!


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