Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tales about Dick Millington!

On a fellow comics blog I shared one of my two 100% true stories about the great cartoonist Dick Millington! I really like the stories about him, so I thought I'd share them both here!

Dick Millington had always had a lot of money as he had inherited it from a family member, and one day he decided to buy a new, gold (in colour, not material!) Jaguar! Soon after buying the car  he finished some artwork he was working on, and put it in the boot of his car to take to work to deliver them by hand.

When he got there, he walked inside to tell them he was here, but when he returned outside his car had been stolen! He immediatly called police, and after telling them what happened, they replied:

"We can understand your loss Sir, and we'll try all we can to get your car back."

Dick Millington replied saying:

"I don't care about the car, I care about the drawings in the boot!" 

The second story isn't as intresting, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

One day, a man phoned up Dick Millington asking him if he had any original artwork for sale. Dick never sold any of his artwork and it was all stacked up in the garage. When the man arrived he walked into the garage and it was piled full of drawings which filled the room to the roof!

When looking through them, several rows in completely covered in drawings was an old, dusty Ferrari! Dick had bought it brand new in a showroom, and after driving it a few times he had left it in the garage and hadn't driven it for 20 years!


Kid said...

My first thought is why he needed to work, because it couldn't have been for financial reasons. Obviously, the creative urge was just too strong.

George Shiers said...

I'm glad he did go into comics though, as he produced some brilliant stuff over the years!

Lis S said...

I've got three of Dick's cartoons, from those he did for New Civil Engineer magazine when I was working there. We were allowed to buy them for a donation to charity. One related to a news story I'd written. I've always felt very lucky to have them.

Anonymous said...

Family member.
Funny but untrue memories about Dick. No Jaguar, no Ferrari and no huge inherited money. But he would have had a good laugh at the stories.