Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Not The End Of The World

Today is supposedly the Earth's deadline, so instead of us all perishing in flames (or however you picture the planet to end) let's sit here and enjoy some comic strips about the end of the world! First up is this excellent Fred's Bed strip from the 2012 Beano annual, illustrated by the incredible Tom Paterson!

Next up is this Captain Contacts strip from Fizog issue 2! I'm unsure of the artist, the little smiley face above the 'NKM' in the title box doesn't mean much to me and a google search reveals nothing. A possibility is Nicholas Schwab - thanks TwoHeadedBoy!

James Turner's Beaver and Steve, quite possibly the greatest webcomic ever written, destroyed, or nearly destroyed, the Earth on multiple occasions. Here is one of them:

Oh no! The END! What could these aliens possibly do? Read on...

As I said, this wasn't the only time Beaver and Steve faced (or created) ultimate destruction, another is shown at the top of this post, where they destroy humanity with a giant shoe! How did it happen? To find out, head over to 'The Archive' on the Beaver and Steve website and read 'Revenge Of The Shoe Goblin', which starts at episode #208!

Here is a strip that appeared in The Dandy earlier this year. It's the final episode of Cavemen in Black, written and drawn by Andy Fanton!

My webcomic Graham's Onions returns for a third series as of today, and the first strip (actually episode 10) is based around the apocalypse! The style is based on Ken Reid's stuff, can you guess who Graham himself is based on? Here is a sneak preview, but to read the full thing go to:


TwoHeadedBoy said...

You did a better job of scanning that Fred's Bed strip than I did - those annuals are a nightmare to fit under the lid!

Fizog #2's the only one I'm missing... And I THINK the artist name for that Captain Contacts COULD be Nicholas Schwab - there's a few early Viz strips that look similar and are credited to him, but you never know these days.

George Shiers said...

I find scanning the Fleetway comics hard! Very tricky to get the whole comic strip on the scanner!

I'm lucky enough to own all the Fizog comics PLUS a promotional poster! Something I'm very proud of!

I'll add Nicholas Schwab up there, I've never seen his work but it looks like something that could go into Viz!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Ooh, I'd like to see the Fizog poster! I have issues 1 and 3... Very similar to Acne (try it if you haven't, you might like it - they even share some characters!).

George Shiers said...

I did actually cover each issue of Fizog a while ago. You cna find the poster at the botton of the 'Issue 3' post! Heres some links:

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

Issue 3:

George Shiers said...

I've seen Acne, tried to get some copies off eBay put postage was too high! I'll just have to keep trying I guess!