Monday, December 31, 2012

The Good and The Bad of 2012

It's almost the end of another year, and what a fantastic year it has been, comic-wise anyway! Why is it so fantastic? Read on...

1. The Phoenix

The Phoenix was launched in the very first week of 2012! Now, over fifty issues later and it is still going strong, selling out almost as soon as the stores open! Next week celebrates it's first birthday, let's hope they have a good one!

2. Comic History Books

Several fantastic books were released this year, the most noteable is The Art and History Of The Dandy, but let's not forget about The Sloperian (a fantastic look at early comics) or One Eyed Jack and The Death Of Valiant! We also had Alf Tupper, which collected some fantastic 'Tough Of The Track' comic strips all in one book!

3. The Beano Revamped

The Beano revamp in October was fantastic! We saw the comic get funnier, better drawn and the whole comic improved in general! With new looks to old strips such as Rasher (by Lew Stringer), Billy Whizz (by Will Dawbarn) and Dennis the Menace (by Nigel Parkinson), the comic is now bigger, brighter and better than ever!

So 2012 has been the best year in comics for a long time, and lets hope it continues to improve in 2013. Only two things have ruined this fantastic year, the first been the death of The Dandy. However, the comic lives on in digital form, and if you haven't yet read it I highly recommend you do, it sure is fantastic! Hopefully it will return in paper form, if the digital version is popular enough.

Secondly, Lew Stringer has decided to end Blimey, the greatest blog on British comics I've ever read. I've been reading his site almost daily since early 2009 and in the past six years since he started he has covered some truly fantastic stuff. I was truly honoured when he added this site to the side of his, and even more so when I saw him include a link to here on his final post! I'm sorry to see it go, as it was the inspirtation for Wacky Comics, but I can understand Lew's reasons.

Onwards To 2013

The final price will hopefully be lower than £3.99.

What can we expect to see in 2013? First thing for me is to get Atomic Comic, a comic fanzine Harry Rickard and I started back in March, published, and I'm hoping the first issue will be avaliable in late January! 

I've read a lot of blog posts arguing that the British Comics Industry will be picking up again, and certainly after all the media intrest, but wether it will happen in the upcoming year, I can't say. Fingers crossed though!

That's just two things to look forwards to, there should be loads more!

See you in the new year!


TwoHeadedBoy said...

What's this Atomic Comic all about then? First I've heard of it!

Wouldn't exactly call 2012 the "best year for comics in a long time" - you know, what with the Dandy being dead and all that. But I admire your enthusiasm and optimism :)

George Shiers said...

Atomic Comic is a comic fanzine that Harry Rickard and myself put together way back at the start of this year, but had to put on an indefinite hiatus due to exams. The fanzine will cover British comics old an new and also include interviews with comic creators! We're now back on track with the project, and hopefully issue one will be out next month!

In general the British Comics Industry has been a LOT healthier this year than it has been for years previous, what with the launch of The Phoenix and Aces Weekly. But yes, the Dandy's death was a big let down...

MDF Board said...


Nice comic.I loved it.

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George Shiers said...

If you're talking about my site, then thanks very much! If you're talking about something else, still thanks! :)