Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fizog Ish 2

Issue two of Fizog kicked the stores hard when it was released back in Feburary 1995! By this point the comic was already building up quite a strong fanbase, particulary over in Australia!

The cover story of this sensational second issue was Marge Ick's Tricks, this time she sends off thousands of letters to unknown locations, cooks a T.V chef and sends a world class actor plummeting to his death - and all it time to get to her job as a tea-lady! Drawn by Lee Healey with the script by Dean Wilkinson.

A fantastic new story began in this issue which goes by the name of Al Eenbeeng (Alien Being - gettit?). When Al lands in Terv's garden (in exchange for his brother), his parents don't mind and invite him inside. The next morning, he not only reveals he has lazer pumps but also kills Trevor's grandma! Art by Meryvn Johnston.

Kid Biscuit! The normal boy with an amazing secret - he can turn himself into any type of biscuit he likes, including Mint Viscounts! This story shares a similar idea with Lew Stringer's Snail Man, which you can read more about here:
A lovely bright page by Meryvn Johnston!

Bendy Wendy is an example of a story in this comic which helps show that it is really aimed at Teenagers (despite the fact that on the cover it states: 'The World's Funniest Kids Comic'). Hence the middle finger in the title box.

Moving on to Junior Jailbird now, and this is the tale of a boy named Benny, who, for an unknown reason, believes that he is locked in his cell (actually his bedroom). In the end he is... well, you'll have to read the story for yourself!

And that concludes Ish 2 - tune in next week for the glorious third and final issue!

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This comic looks absolutely terrible.