Friday, March 30, 2012

Phoenix Issue 12!

Today is the last day you can pick up issue 12 of The Phoenix Comic, as lucky number 13 goes on sale tomorrow (Saturday).

It was a fabulous issue, starring the first advert (for the DFC Library) and the last Star Cat - but don't fear - Jame's Turner's excellent series will be returning very soon!

Last week's 'How to Draw' showed us how to draw zombies, taught to us by a man who does it for a living - Adam Murphy! And hosting the show this time is Richardo Tangle showing us how to draw characters for Planet of the Shapes! Planet of the Shapes has always been one of the Phoenix's best stories for me, always funny and great art - it's never let me down!

Dave Shelton's Frankencrab had to be my favourite this week, as once again Malcolm Bewley gets himself into a whole heap of eccentric trouble! I particuarly liked the box show below - it had some smashing artwork (literally)! Dave's DFC story Good Dog Bad Dog starts in Phoenix #13.

Hokusai was the undead guest in this weeks Corpse Talk, the only non-fiction comic strip with zombies! Written and drawn by Adam Murphy, you are pretty much guarenteed to learn something new every week in this brilliant comic strip!

So there you have it - so why not grab a copy for yourself TODAY! Or, if your local shop is sold out, order a back issue from their website -! (So you've got no excuse not to buy one!)

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