Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The above is a single panel from Nelson, portraying an ordinary day in Nel's life set in 1976, drawn by Luke Pearson. I think that this one picture is a perfect example of the action of the British comics industy around that time, and for somebody who wasn't alive in 1976, I can really see the impact that technology, such as mobile-phones, video games and, of course, the internet, has had on the industry.

Nelson is a fascinating book, in which over 50 talented artists each take a day in an ordinary girl's life and draw it, one day a year, from 1968 - 2011.

A truly magnificent read, Nelson is a book I'm sure will appeal to both older audiences, of which it will remind them of their childhood, and younger ones, even if to just get a taste of the past!

You can order Nelson as either a soft or hardcover volume from Blank Slate Books, here:

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Harry Rickard said...

Now that I have Nelson I have to disagree with your point of it appealing to the younger generation because of the amount of swearing plus sexual references and drugs!

Still, a great read! ;)