Sunday, March 25, 2012

Comic Football Returns!

Comic Football was originally launched mid 2011, and lasted for just three issues (along with one free preview issue). And let's face the facts - it was terrible.

And now it's back, but this time they're are making comics for people on demand. Here's what the creators have said in an email to Steve Beckett, which he shared on facebook:
'We are launching a new satirical web site and we are looking for free contributions on topical sports stories/headlines/topics, they can be gags, sketches, cartoons etc wondered if you would be intrested in contributing and if you knew of any other artists who may also be intrested. It basically os a fun site taking the mickey out of sports and sports personalities and getting away with as much as we can.'

So naturally, I decided to look into it further, and it turns out that they have started by changing their website - It's very different from the old one, and it now looks as though the company is planning to produce magazines, posters, comic strips etc. for clubs on demand.

(From the website):

"Who Do We Think We Are Different?

Comic Football is unique. Presenting creative products to the football family, tailored specifically to your club or organisation. We offer flexibility; from artwork only to fully printed product.

We create comic strips and characters for a new generation of football fans. We are not re-inventing 'Roy of the Rovers' but adopting a fresh and original approach to football.

Great quality product and content, at affordable prices. Unique, colourful, funny...and fun!"

Now this looks like something they could make quite a bit of money off, so that raises a new question - why are they looking for 'free contributions'?

By no means am I saying this is bad, but I think they will struggle if they are constantly demanding free cartoons, especially from poeple like Steve Beckett who have piles of paid work to be done. To find out more, read the brochure below, or visit the website -

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