Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thundercats and Blundercats!

This week has not just one piece of glorious Thundercats news - but two! First of all - Blundercats! An all new strip that will appear in The Dandy, drawn by the hugely talented Steve Beckett! The above image is Steve's original character sketch, which he sent off to the Dandy Ed! The cover art is seen below, accompanied by the final cover - which is on sale NOW!

And guess what?! A new Thundercats comic has been launched by Panini Comics UK! It goes on sale tomorrow (Thursday March 22nd), will have 36 pages, costs only £2.99 and comes with a free Sword of Omens! Here's the cover, but for more information head on over to Lew Stringer's brilliant blog here!
And since it's all about Thundercats, here's a Carrotty Kid story from a little while back!

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