Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fizog - The Third and Final Part!

This final issue of Fizog went on sale in May 1995, but despite it being the final issue, one of the stories remained unfinished, readers were still encouraged to write in, and competition winners were to be revealed in issue 4!

Punk Rocker Rabid Judo Dogs was the unfinished strip, but despite the bad title the story was actually quite good (I think it'd have been even better if they were human and kids). In the previous issue, after a series of events, they went back in time and have been framed for the killing of Dr. Ben Matlock - and their judge is the real murderer! The story was the second in a planned four week series - and I'd really like to know what happened next! Art by Lee Healey, script by Dean Wilkinson.

Fizog also decided to create a chracter like the Beano's Little Plum, but instead of living in the desert he lives in an ordinary town, where he's considered a complete loony! Totem Paul is his name, drawn by the comic's main artist - Meryvn Johnston.

I particulary liked the Billy Idle in the above issue, it has a story-line that will never grow old! If you look closely you'll notice that Billy actually has two brains - so why is he so lazy...? Billy is drawn by Paul Palmer!

Here's the adverts page, full of 100% genuine adverts!

And here's another one from the letter's page, along with another Dracula joke (see part 1).

And finally, here's a half page advert in which you could order an 'Antuiqe' copy of Fizog Ish. 1 and a promotional poster. Here's the advert, followed by my poster.

The reason Fizog came to an end after just 3 issues is simply because Dean Wilkinson, who created the comic, didn't have the cash to get it through the early days. It's pretty hard to get a comic up and running anyway, and in the 90's kids were getting more and more distrated by technology such as video games, computers and of course, the internet. But I still congratulate you Dean, and wish you all the best if you enter the world of comics again!


Harry Rickard said...

Billy Idle appears to be by Paul Palmer!

George Shiers said...

Awesome! Cheers Harry!