Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fools from years past!

With April Fools just a few hours away (here in New Zealand at least), I thought I'd show you a few prank-filled issues from the past, starting off with this Dandy comic, which is dated 1st April 1967 (although it probably went on sale a week before).

There was lots of pranks being played in this issue, the first one is the Korky the Cat strip in which a man is trying to rob him of his riches!

Inside Desperate Dan plays some great pranks on his nephews, and even goes on to fool the sheriff! Art by Dudley Watkins.

Dirty Dick, who doesn't get remotely dirty in this issue, has some great ideas for pranks - including a trick pen and some fake eggs! Illustrated by Jimmy Hughes.

Davey Law's excellent Corporal Clott story shows the big buffoon actually using his brain for once - in order to get him a free feed! Of course, it all backfires on him in the end!

The following Winker Watson story isn't exactly an April fools special, mainly as it doesn't mention 'April Fools' until the last panel, and also because Winker is always getting up to pranks like these! Art by Eric Roberts.

The Smasher is an excellent story with some great ideas for pranks despite the fact Smasher doesn't actually live up to his name by smashing anything. Drawn by Hugh Morren.

Another strip that got into the spirit of things was Brassneck, which includes the classic bucket above the door trick! 

And finally, Frank McDiarmid's wonderfully illustrated Big Head and Thick Head, which filled up the back cover. Unless you happen to own a cafe or a toffee factory, the only trick you'll be able to play from this page is the rope and bucket prank!

The Dandy really got into the spirit of April fools, but, as your about to see, Fleetway's Buster comic, didn't.

Judging by the cover above, you'd probably point at me and yell - "LIAR!", but trust me - thats all there is. 

Sadly, only two pages of April fools fun, and it's the same story for the Buster comic of the previous year!

Well, that rounds it up for now - I hope you've all got some ideas from the three comics I've shown you! Now go out there and get pranking!


Andy Boal said...

That particular Dirty Dick was drawn by Jimmy Hughes, later of Bully Beef and Chips and Jocks and Geordies fame. He drew quite a number over Dick's long run.

George Shiers said...

Erm, congratulations! You spotted my April fools prank! ;) I'll edit the post accordingly!

Did Jimmy ever start to become a bit of a regular on Dirty Dick, taking over from Eric Roberts?

Lew Stringer said...

Hi George, That Big Head & Thick Head page is by Frank McDiarmid, who took over the strip in 1964 when Ken began freelancing on WHAM!

George Shiers said...

Really? Wow - I'd never have gussed, Frank is a brilliant ghost artist!