Wednesday, March 21, 2012

75 Years Of Comics - Stamps out now!

As I'm sure you've read on blogs elsewhere, or even seen them in your local post office, The Royal Mail has issued a collection of 10 stamps, each illustrated with a well known comic character (Some collection's even come with a free mini Dandy). The stamps were dsigned by The Chase, and are made to celebrate 75 years of British comics, as The Dandy was launched in 1937 (there were many different title's before that of course, but The Dandy is considered the first modern style comic). You can also take the British Comics Quiz - in which you can find out which comic character you are! (I'm a mix between Buster and Desperate Dan!)To take it, simply go to The Royal Mail stamps page on facebook and click 'Comics Quiz' , or click here:

You can purchase them in the shops, or online:

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