Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Nelson Signed

(Above: An A5 sketch of Nel for me by Adam Cadwell - In my letter to him I drew a portrait of me, and he copied it onto the shirt!)

For those of you who have purchased Nelson, I'm sure you'd all agree it is an excellent read! However, say I lived in New Zealand, and I wanted to get my book signed, how would I do it?

I could think of two options, which were:

Option 1: Wait until I come to the U.K. on holiday, and try and meet up with all 54 creators!

Option 2: Send the book around, and get each creator to send it back or on to the next one.

Now both of those ideas seemed impossible or expensive! I mean, if I came to the U.K for 3 weeks, that 21 days, and that would mean I'd have to find several artists a day! And besides, I'd need other time to catch up with family and friends again! And posting it would prove massivley expensive!

Fortunatly - both Rian Hughes and Hunt Emerson came up with a suggestion - which was to send a sticker to each cartoonist and stick it in the front of the book!

My Nelson book is now signed by 5 brillaint people - Hunt Emerson, Kristyna Baczynski, Adam Cadwell, Suzy Varty and Sean Longcroft! And there's a few more still in the post! (When I do come to the U.K I do hope to meet up with a few of them if possible!)

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Harry Rickard said...

Adam Cadwell's part was one of my favourite bits along with Luke Pearson, Sean Longcraft, Jamie Smart, Woodrow Phoenix, Paul Harrison-Davies and many more! I'm so jealous right now! ;)