Sunday, March 18, 2012

Compal Comics Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 Compal Comics auction closed on Tuesday and the results have just been released. Here are some of the catalouge's highlights:

Buster Issue #1 with printers dummy [fn-].

The first ever issue of Buster from 1960 along with the original printer's dummy, which has some colour differences to the final comic. It also came with the 1962 christmas issue. This piece had an estimate of £100 - £150, but sold for a whopping £262!

At lot #39 was this rather tatty Beano issue #1 in poor condition.

The comic was very worn and had several pieces missing, and sold for only £786 - which isn't a lot for a first Beano!

The first two Beano books were also on sale, both in vg condition!

The 1940 Beano book [vg] had an estimate of £1,300 - £1,600 and sold for £1,936. The 1941 Beano book [vg+] sold for £738 - really showing the difference that can be made between the first issue (or book, or whatever) and the second one! The book was estimated at £450 - £550.

Harold Hare's Own Paper issue #1 appeared at lot #93.

Coming with the free gift and in [fn] condition, the comic was expected to sell somewhere between £35 - £45, but instead sold for a whopping £223! Cor!

Another first issue that came with it's free gift was Beezer, over at lot #60.

This also sold miles above it's estimate of £150 - £200, heading proudly to it's new owner with a £524 price on it's head.

Some more of Ken Reid's original Faceache artwork went on sale, near the end of the catalouge at lot #164.

It sold for £121, just above it's estimate of £70 - £100. (This just goes to show, you can never really value comics, as each one is worth a different price to each person.)

For fans of Dan Dare there were plenty of rare items up for sale for them to feast their eyes on, including some (deep breath) original artwork, a table tennis set, some birthday cards, a picture card album, a stamp folder, a figures set, a jigsaw, a film viewer, some pop up books, a horlicks mug, a pocket watch and even a cricket ball! Seen below however, is the Dan Dare space pistol - which sold for £145! Pow!

And finally, the last lot in the catalouge, this set of Denis Gifford books.

The poster set was Denis' original proof copy, and the set fired away to £138! (Another auction to exceed it's estimate - which was £80 - £120.)

You can see the rest of the stuff they had up for offer and the results at

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