Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tom Thug On The Cover

You might notice Sqworm in the first panel, a nice
additional touch to the strip.

During 1994 Buster stepped aside to allow the front cover to be taken up by various other characters, the first of which was Tom Thug, who appeared on the cover of issue dated 25th March 1994. Tom Thug normally took up one page, but this issue was a special two-page story as it took the place where Buster would normally appear, and was illustrated by Lew Stringer. I'm sure Tom was on the cover of Buster before at some stage but I couldn't find the issue I'm thinking of, so it might just be my imagination.

Buster still appeared inside though, in the slot where Tom would normally be found.

I'll be showing the rest of these front covers the next week or so, so stay tuned!

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Lew Stringer said...

No you're right George. Tom first appeared on the cover the previous year, in 1993. There's a scan on my website:

He also appeared on the cover a couple of other times too. He was quite popular with the readers.

Lew Stringer said...

PS: And credit's where credit's due, I should mention that the front cover art was coloured by John Burns. (He also coloured the Buster strip when that was on the cover.)

Good colourist. He's the nephew of the artist John M. Burns.

Kid said...

George, there's still too much spare space on your new logo. I'll do a 'rough' of how I think it should look and post it on my blog at some stage.

Harry Rickard said...


To be fair, your blog doesn't exactly have an amazing header so I think you should leave it down to George to choose how his header looks.

Kid said...

To be even fairer, I don't draw attention to my blog header, or trumpet it as being anything special. I'm content with it being nicely spaced out, which is not something George's current or previous header can be accused of.

And if he's as contemptuous of input from a professional as you seem to be, then I think you should leave it down to George to say so.

Don't worry 'though - I won't be going out of my way to offer any helpful suggestions again.

George Shiers said...

Thanks Lew - I knew it wasnt just my imagination!

I'd be interested in seeing a rough logo design Kid, if you do ever get round to it I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Kid said...

You must've been asleep, George. I posted the rough on my blog not long after my original comment here. It was up for close to a day before I deleted it.

George Shiers said...

Oh yes - just seen it on my blog list - thanks for that! :) I probably was asleep, you may have posted it at my night-time (if you didn't know - I live in New Zealand), and since I don't usually go on the computer in the mornings before school...