Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter 1968 - With The Beano

It's time to look at another Easter comic, and this time we head back to the 1960's, or April 13th 1968 to be exact, and take a look a Beano issue #1343. Every year the Beano celebrated Easter (well, in the 60's anyway), Biffo the Bear's strip would always be in the shape of an Easter egg, and this one also has a hot cross bun in the place of the 'O' in Biffo. As always, Biffo and Buster are illustrated by Dudley Watkins!

Let's move inside, and The 3 Bears want to join in with Hank's super Easter party! Unfortunately for them Hank has thought ahead and has taken extra precaution to ensure they don't steal all the food! Bob McGrath did an excellent job with the artwork!

Roger the Dodger appeared next, who naturally wants the biggest Easter egg in town, without paying to get it! This strip, particulary the shop keeper in the last panel, was heavily influenced by Ken Reid, who of course drew the strip to begin with, but is actually illustrated by Robert Nixon, who took over when Ken left in 1964.

Billy Whizz next, and prepare yourself for something amazing! This strip shows a very rare sight indeed - Billy Whizz willingly moving slowly! This rare scene was captured with paper and ink by Malcolm Judge.

David Sutherland's Bash Street Kids came next and, although it begins with an Easter egg for Smiffy, is more focused around bubblegum than anything else! This is a fantastic episode, I love all the over exaggerated scenes all caused by a small piece of gum!

Minnie the Minx is always fun, and this one shows all the things that have gone wrong in the past - it really is a surprise they're going this year at all! The artist is of course Jim Petrie, and I've also shown the 'Teaser Time' section for you to do if you've got some spare time.

And finally, I'd like to show this Lord Snooty strip, not because it's Easter related, but because, simply put, it's funny!

And don't forget to buy this week's Beano as well, which does have one or two Easter-themed strips in it! Here's the cover, and it costs just £2!

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