Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Week In: 1969, 1971 and 1972!

I've a rather special post today because I head back to three different years, (I was hoping to do four, but I don't have a comic from this week in 1970), and take a look at not one, not two, but FOUR different comics! I'll dive straight into it, and the first comic I'll be taking a look at is Joe 90 issue #11, dated 29th March 1969! This comic was a bit pricier than other comics, costing you 8D to purchase.

Of course, the star of Joe 90 is Joe 90, and, as advertised on the cover, this week's adventure takes him to the Himalayas in an exciting three-page adventure!

The highlight of the comic for me is the Star Trek strip, which appeared on the centre spread in full colour! Since I last reviewed Joe 90 comic (here), I've seen a few Star Trek films and episodes, and it's not too bad! I believe Harry Lindfield was the artist for this strip.

And finally, here's an interesting advert from inside the comic for Joe 90 Kellog's Sugar Smacks. If you collected two packet tops plus sent along 8/11 you could get yourself a "Super model of Mac's car"! Whether or not this caught on I don't know, but many readers would already have a model of Mac's car as it was given away with the first issue, although it wouldn't surprise me if many of them had since been lost or destroyed.

If you are a fan of Joe 90, I believe it is possible (as with most programs) to buy all the episodes on Video or DVD. I found this old video amongst a load of others nobody watches anymore!

Moving on, and the next comic I'm going to cover is The Dandy, and this issue, numbered #1427, went on sale on the 29th March 1969. This issue would set you back you just 4D, half the cost of Joe 90.

Moving inside and the first strip we see is Desperate Dan, this is one of the very last episodes Dudley Watkins ever drew, as he died in the August of that year.

An interesting strip is The Purple Cloud, which is about the World's master crook - The Purple Mask! The purple cloud is some kind of chemical gas that can eat its way through anything to help the Purple Mask to escape! I think I remember reading that the strip was illustrated by Charlie Grigg (of Korky the Cat fame), but can anybody confirm this?

Bodger the Bookworm is an interesting strip, and is very similar to the better known Bookworm who started in Whoopee.

The third comic I've got lined up is the Cor comic that went on sale this week in 1971, or 27th March 1971 to be exact! Decimalisation was just coming in around the time this comic went on sale, and you could buy the comic for 8D or 3 1/2 new pence!

Football themed strips are always good, and Cor had Football Madd, which was about a young boy named Micky Madd who was, well, football mad! I'm not sure who the artist was for this strip was, my first guess would be Mike Brown, by Irmantas over at Kazoop suggested Peter Davidson. Does anybody know for sure?

I'll also show Whacky, not only because the artwork is brilliant (the artist is Mike Lacey), but also because he shares the same name as this blog!

And interestingly, Jack Pott didn't start in the comic Jackpot, but instead his origins can be traced back to Cor! Joe McCaffrey illustrated his adventures.

Moving on now to our final comic - TV Action. This issue is dated Week Ending 1st April 1972, and cost 5p.

Dr. Who and the Daleks were the stars of the cover, and the strip continued inside, illustrated by Gerry Haylock. It ends on a very exciting cliff-hanger, with the T.A.R.D.I.S plunging straight into the heart of the sun!

Stingray was a very well illustrated and coloured strip, although I'm not sure who the artist was.

That sums up a look at these four different comics. Whilst I was writing it up an idea occurred to me - why don't I write a blog post like this, but of the same comic over a period of four or five years. This would show how tastes changed and how the comic evolved to show that. It's just an idea for now, but stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Thanks

Andy Boal said...

Good guess re Football Madd, but I can tell you it was... Peter Davidson. Compare with the Chumpions, which he also drew long before taking on Oor Wullie and the Broons.

Lew Stringer said...

Stingray was a reprint from TV21. The artist was Ron Embleton.

Re: Joe's Car, the free gift in Joe 90 No.1 was only cardboard. That offer from Sugar Smacks was probably plastic, so kids would be happy to have both.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, the artist of The Purple Cloud was Charlie Grigg (who also drew Korky the Cat, The Umbrella Men, Captain Whoosh and others.)

Re: Joe 90. I wouldn't say it was a programme no one watched any more. All of the Gerry Anderson shows have quite a fanbase. It was never one of my favourites at the time because the lead character was the same age I was (nine) and I preferred adult heroes to aspire to, rather than kid characters to relate to, but it is a very good spy series all the same.

George Shiers said...

Thanks for the artists!

According the the small print on the advert the Kellogs car was polystyrene - I can't imagine that lasting too long!

What I meant about the Joe 90 not being watched anymore is that that particular video isn't watched - not the series. I've never seen an episode - I only found the video the other day. I must watch some!