Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Happy Easter with Whizzer and Chips (1986)

Easter is approaching fast, so it's about time I covered an Easter comic. To do so, we head back to the 29th of March 1986, and take a look at this copy of Whizzer and Chips - that year's Easter Special! One of my favourite comic characters - Sweeny Toddler - was on the front cover, as he had been since just after Whoopee merged into Whizzer and Chips almost a year earlier. Sweeny was a very fun character and, although they are all good, this particular episode is one of Tom Paterson's better-drawn strips! Well, it is in my opinion at least, so take a look and judge for yourselves.

Since it's all about Easter, I'll only be showing the Easter related strips, and the next one is, of course, Sweet Tooth. Usually illustrated by Trevor Metcalfe, this episode was illustrated by Doug Goodwin.

Unlike Sid and Slippy (the stars of Whizzer), Shiner's (the star of Chips) strip WAS Easter themed! As always, despite the fact he's staying out of trouble, Shiner still managed to live up to his name and get, well, a shiner!

And so, continuing into Chips, the first Easter themed strip was Boy Butler, illustrated by Mike Lacey.

Tomboy originally appeared in Cor!, but strips were reprinted for Whizzer and Chips in the 1980's. This strip was all about Easter bonnets, a very popular theme in British comics around Easter time - a lot of different and hilarious stories could be based around them!

The final Easter strip in Chips was Boy Boss, the young boy who had a company left to him in a will. This one involves him sighing at the task of testing the Easter eggs - which I found very funny! Frank McDiarmid illustrated this.

Back in Whizzer and, although not directly Easter related, I'm going to show Master. P. Brain because it is an interesting strip that a lot of people may not have heard of before. The usual artist is Cliff Brown, who you may know as the artist of Timothy Tester, but I'm not too sure if this one is by him.

Glowboy shared a page with Catnap, and was based around the stories of a boy who glowed! A very weird strip illustrated by Roy Mitchell, and Catnap was illustrated by Colin Whittock.

Terry Bave's Odd Ball was a very popular strip, and every time it was possible, Odd Ball would have a themed strip. This one sees him turning into a giant red chick, as you'll soon see!

And finally, The Bumpkin Billionaires, illustrated by Mike Lacey. Forever trying to rid themselves of their fortune, this one involves them disposing of it in the form of solid gold Easter eggs!

That brings us to an end of this fantastic comic, filled to the brim with fantastic artists and strips! But, as a final bit of fun, can you spot the two raiders in the strips above? I guarantee they're both there somewhere!


Kid said...

That'a a much more effective logo - although the 'Happy Easter' bit needs centred.

Peter Gray said...

Glow boy eats Ready Brek the cereal that makes you glow in the advert of the 80's...

I love the background detail of the policeman saying sorry your Son..which is about Humpty!!lol

It shows the 80's was still a great time for comics..
Love the Easter theme throughout..

Robert said...

Comics never really grabbed Easter the same way they did Christmas, but I do like the Sweeney Toddler Easter Egg on the cover - that's great.

Bruce Laing said...

O.K. I'll take a stab at the Character Raids in this particular issue.

in the Master P. Brain strip, Charlie Counter (Calculator Kid) and Calculator was the raider.

In the boy Butler strip, there is a character I cannot identify in the second last frame of the strip

George Shiers said...

@Kid - Glad you like the logo! I may be keeping it after Easter!

@Peter - I never realised it was based on the Ready Brek adverts! I found one one YoiTube if you're interested:

@Robert - Christmas comics are far better than any other celebrations, but that's not to say I dont like Easter comics! This one was a very good one!

@Bruce - Correct! And the character in Boy Butler is Lazy Bones! I'm suprised you couldn't identify him, he was a very popular character with a very long run!

Peter Gray said...

It brought back memories of the advert...
as you can see Glow boy had just eaten some cereal..Ready Brek!!

Andy Boal said...

That Sweet Tooth was drawn by Vic Neill. Doug drew relatively little for IPC - the initial run of Store Wars, the entire run of Country Cousin, some Boy Butlers, and otherwise only a little ghosting here and there. I think he'd stopped working for IPC by 1986.

Bruce Laing said...

@Bruce - Correct! And the character in Boy Butler is Lazy Bones! I'm suprised you couldn't identify him, he was a very popular character with a very long run!

D'oh! :oops:

Now that I have looked at the strip again, I can now see it's Benny. Sorry bout the late post though.

Rexeljet Smith said...

I think the Bumpkin Billionaires strip is by Jimmy Hansen rather than Mike Lacey. Hansen also drew the Shiner strip in this issue, and by this point his style was noticeably different from Mike's.

George Shiers said...

I'm not too sure about that to be honest. I can see some possible resemblance to Jimmy but then again I've never heard of him illustrating a Bumpkin Billionaires strip before!

Andy Boal said...

Jimmy certainly did take over the Bumpkin Billionaires, although I hadn't realised it was as early as 1986, and I think this one was by Jimmy.

The point I noticed was the months after the relaunch in 1990, when the manager gained an assistant.