Sunday, March 24, 2013

2000AD Goes Musical

We head back into the early years of 2000AD with today's post to take a look at Prog 167, which came out on 5th July 1980, which came with a very cool front cover! The reason for the change in the logo for this issue was because it was the issue which introduced Comic Rock, which was supposed to be a series of stories inspired by music of the time, but only two stories appeared.

I like this cover not only for it's regular 'Earth Money' and 'In Orbit Every Monday' jokes but also the line 'this comic should be played at 45 R.P.M'!

Here's the full strip, entitled Terror Tube, and thankfully 2000AD credited it's artists so I can tell you it was written by Pat Mills, illustrated by Kevin O'Neill and lettered by Steve Potter!

I'll also show you the fantastic back cover illustration, also illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. It featured the 6th of the 7 Wonders Of The Galaxy - the Kil-Ray! A simply beautiful illustration.

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