Thursday, March 14, 2013

Captain Crucial Surfs To The Front Page!

There is only one more cover star to show, and this one took over on issue dated 7th October 1994. This time it's the crazy character Captain Crucial, illustrated by Mark Bennington! You might not know, but the crazy characters such as Captain Crucial and Lucy Lastic were originally illustrated by Tom Paterson, in his much wilder style such as the one he used for Watford Gapp in WHizzer and Chips, but Mark is the more known artist for them.

Since Tom Thug had appeared on the cover just six months earlier the cover price had risen five pennies from 60p to 65p, and by February of 1995, just four months later, the price would have risen to 80p! It was a truly challenging time for Buster, and many artists were made redundant.

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TwoHeadedBoy said...

Ha ha, used to love it when "Sad" was used as a derogatory adjective for things.

Mark Bennington also did a strip based on the character on the front of Big Top squirty cream cans, when Big Top was the "sponsor" of BVC (Big Value Comic), just in case you didn't know that.