Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Week's Beano - #3690

The latest Beano has arrived on my doorstep - this one with a superhero themed cover. Apart from the small mistake that Gnasher called Dennis SuperDen instead of SuperMenace on the cover it is a good issue throughout. I love Nigel Parkinson's Dennis the Menace and as always we're lucky enough to get three whole pages of it! As suggested by the cover illustration Dennis is a superhero who can fly, and Gnasher can talk. Walter has also, by pure coincidence, become the world's brainiest boy on exactly the same day! A great strip!

A corner of this week's Dennis -
without revealing too much.
Tricky Dicky has been back for several weeks now and as always is up to his old tricks. The headmaster, who the students refer to as "Terminator", is desperate to catch him and bring his pranks to a swift end. Tricky is now drawn by Laura Howell, and rather well too.

As always there's a good selection of mini-strips in there but my favourite this week is Lew Stringer's Rasher. I love the final panel with the side cut-out to show Rasher's tunnel - brilliant!

All this and much much more in this week's Beano - out now for just £2!

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