Thursday, June 20, 2013

The BeanoMAX Folds

#79 - the last one.

Despite the fact it has been reported elsewhere, I thought I'd bring you the news that, after 6 years, the BeanoMAX has folded, and the last issue will be No. 79, which is on sale now.

Although I haven't bought the BeanoMAX since I moved to New Zealand due to its expensive price tag in the shops, I remember its launch and did buy the occasional issue up until 2009.

The BeanoMax will be replaced by Dennis the Menace magazine, and we've been promised 32 pages each issue from "Dennis' comic stash", but what that means we'll have to wait and see.

I wonder if this new comic will be anything like the mysterious Dennis and Gnasher Puzzles, which came out in 2010. I only ever saw one issue of this, No. 4, and although I kept my eye out, never saw another issue again (and there seems to be nothing about it anywhere on the internet).

Issue one of the Dennis the Menace magazine will go on sale on 24th July, just in time for the Beano's 75th birthday on the 30th.


Kid said...

"Dennis' comic stash" sounds a bit like reprints to me.

George Shiers said...

That's what I was thinking, it probably is.