Saturday, June 1, 2013

The DFC Library - Now In Paperback

Six of the DFC Library books that were released several years ago collecting the stories from the DFC comic are being rereleased in paperback. Monkey Nuts (by the Etherington brothers) and Fish Head Steve (by Jamie Smart) are there, as well as Super Animal Adventure Squad (by James Turner), Mo-Bot High (by Neill Cameron), Good Dog Bad Dog (by Dave Shelton) and Vern and Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre.

These books are available for preorder on Amazon and cost between £6.39 and £6.99 each. All the books are due for release on the 1st August, and should be available in bookstores soon after that.

Fish Head Steve:

Good Dog Bad Dog:

Vern and Lettuce:

Mo-Bot High:

Monkey Nuts:

Super Animal Adventure Squad:


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Monkey Nuts was the best thing in the DFC, in the end it was the only reason I was buying it!

Once that collection of Monkey Nuts was out, I traded my full DFC collection for the first 50 issues of Oink! (including issue 0, the two annuals and a Summer Special). Good deal there.

George Shiers said...

I found out about the DFC too late. After seeing an advert for it in my library I decided to phone up and subscribe, only for it to be folding a week or so later.

A great deal for Oink though, that was an interesting comic. Shame that one person complaining caused it to end.

Harry Rickard said...

I have many of the hardbacks they released. Super Animal Adventure Squad, Monkey Nuts, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Mo-Bot High and Vern and Lettuce - plus I won a hardback copy of The Boss for being a runner-up in the cover competition!

George Shiers said...

Seeing as you've read most of them, and have all the issues, which would you recommend the most?