Saturday, June 29, 2013

75 Years Of The Beano - Part 1

There's just about a month to go until the Beano celebrates its 75th birthday, and so I'll dive straight into the celebrations and take a look a various issues and strips from its many decades. This time we head back to 1957, and take a look at the Biffo the Bear strip from that issue, illustrated by Dudley Watkins.

And from the same issue, feast your eyes upon Leo Baxendale's Minnie the Minx! I love the angle of the last panel here - great artwork!

And finally, from issue #793, a full-colour Dennis the Menace strip by Davy Law!

There will be some more Beano mayhem soon, so stay tuned!


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Peter Gray said...

They are great this period of The Beano...

Wished I owned more Beanos of this period..

George Shiers said...

Definitely a great time in the Beano's life.