Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doctor Who Yearbook 1994

Earlier today I came across a book I'd completely forgotten I had - the Doctor Who Yearbook 1994. The first Doctor Who Yearbook was published in 1992 and after only a short number of years the last one was released in 1996. This one appeared slap-bang in the middle of that run in 1994. The book, published by Marvel UK, is split evenly between text stories, information and comic strips. For £4.50 you got 64 pages, all of which are in full colour.

There are two adventure strips, each eight pages long. The first,  'A Religious Experience', is drawn by John Ridgeway and written by Tim Quinn and the second, 'Rest and Re-Creation', is drawn by Charlie Adlard and written by Warwick Gray. A Religious Experience is my favourite but these alien primitives look far too human. If it wasn't for the Doctor saying it, or perhaps the two moons in the sky, you wouldn't know they were alien at all!

There was one humour strip in there by Dicky Howett and "informed" by Tim Quinn. This strip shows just some of the different points in time the Doctor has been.

There were seven text stories in the book, one for each of the seven doctors that had appeared up until 1994. Here's Colin Baker's story, which is written by Andy Lane

I'm not sure if the Doctor Who Yearbooks had anything to do with the Doctor Who annuals, which ran from 1966 to 1986. A Doctor Who annual still runs today, and one has been published every year since 2006 (which was released in 2005 when Doctor Who returned to our screens).


Peter Gray said...

I've met Dicky H and Tim Quinn
they are very nice people..
They had my kind of humour and I love that Doctor Who page very funny.the first train spotter is great..

Kid said...

I've got this book and it was great to see William Hartnell's Doctor in comic strip form - especially drawn by John Ridgeway.

I'm not 100% certain, but I think the yearbook was just the annual under another name. World Distributors used to publish the annuals, but then Marvel took over - hence, I think, the change of name. Something along those lines anyway.

John Pitt said...

Sometimes there were extra "unofficial" annuals released as well and this was one of those. If you go to the TARDIS library website they are all listed under miscell books. ( It's an excellent site for all DW printed material, as is Tony's Trading, both sites have proven to be invaluable for my research! )