Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Besides comics I also enjoy darts - not as much as I love comics, but darts can still be fun. Darts has appeared in comics a lot and I thought it would be fun to collect as many strips as possible into one place. As always, click on the pictures, and then again to view in full size.

For our first darts strip we head back to 13th February 1988 to take a look a True Brit, the cover star for The Beezer who was illustrated by the great Robert Nixon.

We head back even further now to 1969 where Biffo the Bear attempts the game on the cover of The Beano, with little success. Art by Dudey Watkins.

In Buster dated 11th October 1986 Anthony Hutchings drew a School Team strip where the team participated in a darts competition in Borneo!

Although not directly about darts, this Sparky strip from the Sparky book 1968 does show the comics' staff having a game.

School Belle gave the sport a go at the school club.

The strip that inspired me to write this post was this Winners strip from 1983. I originally read this story a long time ago, and after flicking through a good number of comics I finally found it - in the last comic I was going to look in!

And finally, I also found this competition to meet the great Eric Bristow, and win up to £360!


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Interesting little round-up there - that Sparky eh? What a character, ha ha!

Liking Mr. Nixon's "bull's eye" there as well.

Peter Gray said...

That Winners story has a mistake in it...the Buster letter page reported it later can you see the error by the artist..

George Shiers said...

Is it that in the last panel he claims to have scored 180, but in fact he scored 120?

Peter Gray said...

Bullseye George!
you got it..