Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Five Greats - No. 5 - Reg Parlett

Well, here it is at long last - the final part of The Five Greats (sorry about the wait folks)! And for number five, I have chosen Reg Parlett, not only becuase he produced so many thousands of pages of work, but has a very individual style - just like the other 4 greats!

Reg was born in 1904 in London and came from a family of artists.  His brother George and father Harry both scribbled profesionally at some point in their lives.

Reprinted in Big Comic Monthly

His first work appeared in 1926 inside a comic caled Merry and Bright, which was launched on 22nd October 1910 and lasted quite a number of years ending on 19th January 1935.

Later on he moved to more popular comics produced by  both Amalagamted Press and of course, Fleetway! Perhaps his most famous work is for Buster comic, where he drew Buster himself every week for over 10 years! In 1984, to celebrate Reg's 80th birthday, Buster delivered a huge cake in person to this fantastic artist! Five years later, Big Comic Fortnightly also had a celebration issue, celebrating his 85th!
Sadly, Red passed away on 18th November 1991, leaving behind a treasure trove of excellent comics!


Peter Gray said...

I agree Reg is one of the greats..
I love his work and trying to collect his Buster comic work...

George Shiers said...

Collecting all his Buster work?! That's a huge job - how are you doing so far?

Peter Gray said...

well I bought 9 Buster and Giggles this week will take a long time..I'm in no rush....also I'm trying to stick to the rule I should read what I have before buying more Busters...
1965 Busters onwards...1992 is my cut off point..
I thought I'd aim for one year of 1968 at the moment..

ProStyla said...

Dear George and Peter,

Season's Greetings!

I love Reg's work and Norman's Mansfield and Dicky Howett's output. Sadly, such materials are rare to find these days. I'm curious - when you mention you are collectors of it. Is this original artwork or paper versions of the printed editions?

There is a digi-collection of some of the IPC collections on E-Bay. Low res but still some fine examples of the genre. (1960-80's) I think.


George Shiers said...

Hi Craig! Here we are talking about collecting the actual comics - I don't have any of Reg Parlett's original art but I have some sketches from various artists plus a Mike Lacey page that appeared in Buster in 1988! If you're looking for original art - hunt around, there's a lot out there!