Friday, October 26, 2012

Buster on Tornado Street

In an early Buster comic Buster walked over from the front page and onto the second page, to the final panel of The Terrors of Tornado Street. The Terrors had begun back in issue one, and were very popular with readers. Every week, somebody in the final panel would say: "What's the use? It's safer to let them play!
Buster on walkabouts!

In issue dated 20th August 1960, he joined the Terrors! However, instead of an adult saying the famous line, it was the only time the Terrors themselves said it!

Unfortunatly my copy is missing part of the first panel.

Artist Martz Schmidt did a great job with the rough characters! Here are a few more early examples (the later strips were just half a page and were pretty much just one big picture with lots of things going on).

In 1994, as a celebration of 34 years of Buster comic, Lew Stringer sent Tom Thug to Tornado street, where he met the Terrors for himself! Unfortunatly, the final panel was missing the classic line!


Peter Gray said...

Lew Stringer is great at writing strips like this...honouring the history of a comic..

Maybe on another post you could show the one panel fun of Terrors..

Anyway thanks for the post..

George Shiers said...

Glad you enjoyed the post! Lew did do some great strips throughout his time at Buster comic!

I'll post the half-page Terrors strips in the not too distant future - but I can't guarentee a date as I've lent a few of my comics to someone! :)

Antonio MarĂ­n Navarro said...

The artist isn't Juan Rafart.
Is another spanish artist Martz Schmidt.

George Shiers said...

Thanks for that - I'll update it.