Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Favourite Comic Strip!

I've read some great stories in comics since I bought my first comic many years ago, and there are many stories which have really stood out well with strong storylines and great artwork. However, my all time favourite strip dates back to an issue of The Beano from 7th September 1940. These were the war years, and in the comics of the time all the characters were fighting against the enemy - the Germans, to help Britain pull through and win the war! And it worked, without Pansy Potter, Podge, Barney Boko, Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat and Big Eggo (to name a few) on our side, how would we ever have won? The strip below is my favourite because of the fact that just five planes can lift up South Africa's Table Mountain, and just three for the Eiffel Tower - all thanks to Lord Snooty, with the help of artist Dudley Watkins! Enjoy!

Of course, this is just my opinion. What are some of your favourite strips?


Peter Gray said...

You have top quality taste..
great surrealism in this strip..

as you say these characters really helped moral...

my favourite has to be the poster page..like a Leo Baxendale Banana Bunch in full action filling the page to the brim with detail..just love it!!

George Shiers said...

Baxendale did do some brilliant pages - how he managed to do one, or more, every week I'll never know!