Saturday, October 27, 2012

Freaky Farm

Freaky Farm began in Monster Fun in issue 40 dated 13th March 1976. This post is here because last Monday I wrote a post about a Monster Fun comic that appeared 36 years ago this week (you can read it here), and I didn't know who the artist was. 

Anyway, enjoy the strips!

From issue 40.

From issue 46.

From issue 49.


Bruce Laing said...

Jim Watson drew Freaky Farm from it's first appearance until the final Monster Fun

Kind regards,

blaing1965 said...

Correction. I would say for most of the strip's run

George Shiers said...

Awesome! Thanks for clearing it up Bruce!

Andy Boal said...

That's what I thought, and every example I had seen before is indeed by Jim Watson, but that first appearance is not - it's signed by an "Elphin"

George Shiers said...

Well, I think its fair to say the main artist was Jim Watson - but it seems unusual that he drew almost every strip except for the first one!