Monday, October 1, 2012

Beano Beginnings - Minnie the Minx!

This is the first in a series on Beano Beginnings, which are the first appearences of many great Beano characters, supplied by Phil-Comics! The first character, illustrated by Leo Baxendale, stars Minnie the Minx, who got her first preview in Beano #594.

For her second preview in Beano #595, Minnie finally got named, and the nation looked forwards seeing her first adventure in the following issue!

Then Minnie finally made her first appearence, in issue #596, dated 19th December 1953.

Because she was launched so close to christmas, her second appearence was also her first christmas adventure!
Another Beano Beginning coming soon!


Peter Gray said...

Nice to see these...good ole Phil comics for letting us see these gems at ebay..and now here..

George Shiers said...

I've been looking for the beginnings for some time now - but I just couldn't afford them :( and suddenly they all come along at once - for free! :D