Saturday, October 20, 2012

At The Sunday Times

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited into The Sunday Times, so that I could see how cartoons for newspapers are made. When I got there, I met cartoonist Dave Chisholm who draws cartoons for various newspapers, and he took me step by step to creating a newspaper joke. The two topics we used were the rights to attack burglars and the rising price of gas bills. We then spent the next hour or two scribbling away, and here are some of the jokes Dave came up with:

A little while later they let me look through a box of cartoons by a great newspaper called Alder, and even let me take some of his gags home! It was tough to choose, but here are the two I finally picked!

This gag contains more than 9 characters, meaning one of them is Hitler!

It was a great day - many thanks to Gordon and Dave for this amazing experience!