Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Frankie

A long, long time ago (May, to be precise), I wrote a blog post on the final ever Whoopee comic. Andy Boal commented, asking how Frankie Stein ended - but to tell the truth, our loveable lunk didn't actually end. Maybe they were going to continue the character in a different comic, after all - he was one of the most popular characters created by IPC, and is up there in the list of the all time populars in British comics!

So, here it is - that last episode of the freaky, yet funny, Frankie. Originally drawn by Ken Reid, this final episode is drawn by Robert Nixon.

Read the first ever Frankie Stein strip by Ken Reid: http://www.wackycomics.com/2011/11/frankie-stein-arrives.html

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