Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Phoenix Soars Higher

What a fantastic cover!

The Phoenix has really improved lately, and each issue is getting better and better, and I personally find the latest issue the best one... ever!

Every page is a joy to behold, from the thrilling edge-of-your-seat Pirates of Pangaea cliffhanger to the gross humour of Bunny Vs. Monkey there's something in the comic for everybody.

The centre spread of the latest issue (#80) displays a fantastic Von Doogan poster by Lorenzo Etherington, Mike Cavallaro illustrates a fantastic and funny four page Nico Bravo strip and James Turner concludes the latest Star Cat serial.

If you haven't read the Phoenix in a while or have never read an issue now is a brilliant time to start, as the comic is currently at its prime! Each issue costs £2.99 and a new issue comes out every Saturday, but you'd better get to the stores early because they sell out fast!

Alternatively, if you're not a morning person why not subscribe and get each issue delivered straight to your door! Subscriptions start from one month (four issues) at just £8.99 and you used to be able to get a one year subscription for £99, but I can't see that on their website. Plus - if you subscribe you're paying less than you would do in the stores!

You can also buy back issues, right back to issue #1!

All this is available from the shop on their website.


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