Saturday, July 13, 2013

75 Years Of The Beano - Part 3

It's time for the third part of the 75th birthday celebrations of The Beano, and we start off this post with a fantastic strip from 1967, of Biffo and Buster carrying the Beano logo to the Beano offices. This strip is a particular favourite of mine, as it shows that these characters also have a life outside of the comic, making them feel more realistic! Dudley Watkins drew this unique cover.

Now we're going to go back right to the early years of the Beano and take a look at some strips from the 1940's! Let's start with this hilarious Big Eggo strip from 1947.

And from that same issue here's the Lord Snooty strip by Dudley Watkins.

And here's a nice page from later on in the year, with three different strips on it!

That concludes our 3 part look at some of the stuff from the past 75 years! The big day isn't far off now - so stay tuned!

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