Friday, July 5, 2013

The Digital Dandy Dies

Well the week turns from bad to worse as alongside Mushka the Digital Dandy has also died. It ended with issue #13, last week's issue being the last.

#13 - the last issue.

It hasn't ended completely as the annuals will continue as they sell well, but this looks like the end for this great comic. For the digital version the Dandy team tried their hardest but it didn't work, and the random relaunch back to issue #1 couldn't have helped, but I applaud them for their efforts nonetheless.

It doesn't seem to be a very good time for comics at the moment as first the BeanoMax ended and now this, but hopefully the promised Dennis and Gnasher Megazine will make up for the loss, and we've still got the Beano's 75th birthday to look forwards to.

Although I've got a few posts just about ready to publish this blog might be quiet for the next few weeks as after the sudden death of Mushka I don't ever really seem to be in the mood to write.


Kid said...

So much for all the talk about an exciting new chapter in the comic's history to ensure its survival for future generations. Fact is, The Dandy died with the last print edition ('though it was mortally wounded with the 2010 relaunch) - the digital version was merely a rapidly receding echo.

I suspect we may now see the occasional Dandy Special in print form - in order to keep the name alive and exploit the merchandise potential of the characters.

Paul Daniell said...

Very sad day for british comics.
so whats left in print version now? beano,2000AD plus its spin offs and the comanndo and then shelf after shelf of guff comics based on kids programes with shed loads of crappy plastic toys.
Who owns all the publishing rights for all the now defunced comics like the dandy,eagle,bezzer???

Anonymous said...

Sad but not surprised. Kid's absolutely right about about the print edition.

It died a slow death.

Maybe they should have continued printing Classics from the comics.

Jones Johnson

James Spiring said...

Paul, Dandy and Beezer are owned by DC Thomson, and Eagle is owned by Egmont, although Eagle's cover star Dan Dare is owned by the Dan Dare Corporation.

Anonymous said...

wish I could return to the 80's!
Yep...sick of seeing kiddie mags covered with plastic crap whilst introducing kids to pop culture at such a young age. Why should 6 year olds care about Selena Gomez or Pink?
Says something about us as parents as well.
We will still buy the Beano!
Ben from Australia

Anonymous said...

Very poorly executed online. The head of digital who ran with the project should have been sacked on the spot. I noticed things were already bad after the launch of the first one or two issues.