Thursday, July 25, 2013

75 Years Today!

Today is the day that the Beano's 75th birthday special goes on sale! It's a great achievement, and The Beano is one of the longest running comics in the world, and is the comic with the most issues, with the latest being numbered at a whopping #3695! It's certainly amazing how long it's lasted, how much it's changed and how famous it's become - if you ask just about anybody in the UK what comics they know or read almost everybody will reply with "The Beano"!

Such an achievement deserves celebration, so here are a couple of my favourite strips ever to appear in The Beano! These two pages were remarkably easy to find - being my favourite strips meant I could, much to my surprise, remember exactly which comics they appeared in.

You can buy the 75th issue today, for only £2.50. It' not an issue to be missed, so go and get one now!


gobshyte said...

just picked this up this morning.and with gobshyte junior having a nap now is the perfect time to have a quiet beano read.happy birthday beano!

gobshyte said...

heres something from the BBC.thought you may be interested
its about the beanos oldest fan aged 91

George Shiers said...

John Freeman did a wonderful roundup of Beano news over at Downthetubes!