Tuesday, July 2, 2013

R.I.P Mushka - 2001 - 2013

Mushka, meaning 'Little Fly'.

Every day the cat in the photo above would visit us. It wasn't our cat, but we knew her owners well and we'd welcome her into our house (apparently cats do this a lot around here). Her name was Mushka, and she was a 12-year-old British Blue. She was a very friendly cat who would love company and cuddles, particularly in-between the eyes and underneath the chin.

Last week we didn't see her for two days and she came to our house on Wednesday with a limp. We took her to her owners' house the next day and they were going to take her to the vets. She escaped, and we saw her on Friday, and she stayed with us all night (!) until Saturday, so I saw her that morning. I wasn't at home Saturday night (and now I really wish I had been), but when I got back Sunday she wasn't here, as she must have gone home to get fed. We didn't see her this morning (Tuesday), and at about 7:25am we got a text from her owners saying that she'd been put to sleep the night before (they'd sent the text the previous day, but the reception is bad around here).

Unfortunately she had cancer, and all her teeth would have had to be pulled out and it would take weeks of antibiotics until she was cured, and they were unsure what was wrong with her leg. She was a very independent cat and this would all have been very stressful, so they decided putting her to sleep was best for her.

She was a great, lovely and friendly cat, who always kept me company and was constantly happy. I even incorporated her into Episode 13 of Graham's Onions (click here to read it), and she was due to become a main character in upcoming episodes!

One day I was locked out of the house and so just sat outside all day, stroking her an petting her, and she sat with me until I could get inside (and she followed me in). She was a happy cat and even with the injured leg she was always purring and always looked happy.

Bye Mushka, I'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

What a shame they really are beautiful as all animals are R.I.P.

Kid said...

Poor wee puss. One of my neighbours used to have a black cat called Lucky, who would sometimes decide to live with me for days on end. She would lie next to my German Shepherd (Zara), and lick her fur as if she was a kitten. When I took Zara for walks, Lucky would follow us all around the neighbourhood and back again. She was probably the friendliest cat I've ever known. Sadly, both Lucky and Zara are dead now, but they were great company when they were still here.

Lew Stringer said...

That's a shame George. Sorry to hear that. Animals all have their own unique personalities, just like humans, so naturally we miss them when they're gone. Sounds like Mushka was a nice character.

Harry Rickard said...

I swear you've mentioned Mushka once to me - rest in peace, Mushka! :(

George Shiers said...

Thank-you for your comments :) Mushka was without a doubt the frendliest cat I've ever known.