Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Thoughts On 2000AD

The other day I bought my first new copy of 2000AD. I've grabbed myself one or two old issues in the past, but this was the first time I'd bought a new copy. It is #1831, and went on sale in the UK way back in May, but is only just being replaced by #1832 today here in New Zealand.

Firstly: the positives. There are five strips spread out over 32 pages, and each one of them proved to be an engaging read and the comic is thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, with Ben Willsher's excellent wrap-around cover the comic really did stand out on the shelves.

But this is where the negative kicks in. For a new and/or one off reader such as myself, there isn't one complete story in the comic. Now I understand that having continued strips helps keep readers coming back, but for somebody who just wants one issue there isn't a complete comic strip to enjoy. In this issue the closest we've got to the start of a comic strip is part two of Judge Dredd and part two of Gunheadz, and when reading these and other strips I really had no idea what was going on. For example, in Dandrige - The Copper Conspiracy the strip starts with a man fighting a copper cop on the roof of a bus, which is being driven by a headless driver!

Whereas all the strips are a good read and the comic is well made it would be nice to have one or two complete strips every issue. Still, it's a good read and at £2.35 an issue the price isn't too bad either. And it's not like 2000AD sells poorly, so they can't be doing too much wrong!


Kid said...

Actually, George, considering current circulation figures to when I worked on it, it sells very poorly indeed. (Not that I'm suggesting I was responsible in any way for its previous higher figures.) It's only kept going to promote games, and to try and attract attention from movie-makers - or so it seems.

George Shiers said...

Really? I'm surprised by that - I thought 2000AD had strong fanbase.

Kid said...

When it celebrated its 35th birthday last year, sales were reputed to be around 20,000 a week. Back in the mid-'80s, they were around 100,000-125,000 a week. It's the spin-offs the company makes money from.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I've tried to get back into The Prog but it just doesn't butter my biscuit anymore. It's a shame really because, the last time I had a peek there was some talent in it but it was just too dull. I was reminded of picking up an early eighties copy of Heavy Metal, except it didn't have the saving grace of the sardonic humour. The trouble is, from my perspective, is that they're stuck in 1986, trying recreate yesterdays vintage is a hopeless endeavour when the world is always changing. If only they'd break a few rules, assault the some social taboos, not the ones from 86 the new ones, then they'd might rediscover the visceral appeal that made it one of the most compelling comics.

I should point out, I'm being a bit unfair here, I haven't read it for over a year but that experience was so pale in comparison to that of the classic Prog it left me a sense of ennui so profound I still haven't mustered the urge to try it again.