Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Contents is a Mystery!

A few days back on this post here I wrote that the contents pages of Beano issue #3569 and #3660 are identical! Obviously this was a printing error, but it turns out only subscribers got this misprinted edition! This letter written by Dennis the Menace enclosed with my issue of The Beano explains:

Here is a photo of the error. The fixed version is on top.


Harry Rickard said...

That's rather awesome! Could we non-subscribers have a photo/scan of the error please?

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Nice to get a letter, but there's that encouragement of "good menacing" again - bah!

George Shiers said...

@Harry - I'll see if I can take a photo of the error soon - can't guarentee anything as I'm not sure where my camera is!

@TwoHeadedBoy - Be a "Good Menace"? Is that suggesting we menace people in a nice way? Or that we are good at what we do?

George Shiers said...

I've uploaded a picture of the error.