Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cheeky's Classic Comics

A nice feature in Cheeky Weekly was when Cheeky raided his dad's treasure trove of comics to show you something new, but old, each week! It first appeared in issue one, where Mike from Knockout was shown (see above), and continued until issue #37, where aftwerwards it was replaced by a pull-out mini comic and never seen again! A shame really, as it was a really nice fun feature! Below are a few more, including the very last one at the bottom of this post!

If you are a fan of Cheeky or want to learn more about the comic, make sure you check out the Cheeky Weekly website! Recently Niblet (the author of the site) wrote a brilliant post about The Missing Boy, a fantastic series which originally appeared in Whizzer and Chips!

As always click on the images to see them in full size!


Niblet said...

Great to see Cheeky Weekly getting a mention on your blog, George, and thanks for including the link to my Cheeky blog. I've just posted a link there back to your blog.

Just a small point - the final Classic Comic reprint was actually Champ from Whizzer and Chips, 1969. See here

Also, although the feature appeared in 37 issues as you mention, its final appearance was actually in issue 45 (26 August 1978), 'cos it was absent from 8 issues during its run.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I love the way Deed-A-Day Danny's drawn. A lot of interesting things were done with Cheeky Weekly, certainly - my favourites include the puzzle pages that Steve Bell did for them.

George Shiers said...

@Niblet - Thanks for the heads up on the one other episode - I must have missed it when flicking through!

@TwoHeadedBoy - Deed-A-Day Danny (also known as Deed-A-Dad Gussie at one point) was drawn by Hugh McNeill I think.

And yes - Cheeky did have some great features, I'm not really sure which is my favourite, maybe the Classic Comics as shown on this post?