Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Steve Beckett's Brassneck

The above drawing was drawn for me by Steve Beckett when he was taking part in Sleep Easy, a charity where you sleep outside in the freezing cold for one night to raise money for people who have to do it every night! 

The reason Steve drew Brassneck is because that is one of the characters he is drawing in the 2013 Dandy annual! And he does a splendid job of it too, heres a sneak preview:

If you haven't yet got the 2013 Dandy annual (and if so - why not?), don't worry - because there is still heaps of time to grab a copy! You can get them from D.C. Thomson's website, Amazon, and other bookstores online and nationwide! It costs just £7.99, and cheaper if you shop around!

If you'd like to find out more about Steve, I wrote a short biography covering his career here:

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