Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Half Page of Terror!

The Terrors of Tornado Street started out as a full page comic strip in Buster issue one. However, just a year later they had been reduced to a single, busy half page scene still illustrated by the amazing Juan Rafart! These scenes were great, so busy and full of life, with something new appearing every time you look!

As usual click on the images for full size!

If you'd like to read some of the full page strips that appeared in some very early Buster issues then click on the link below!


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Never seen those before - never even HEARD of them! The zoo one's my favourite, any way you can make the images bigger than that?

I'm reminded of the Hoot Squad and early Bash Street Kids, very nice indeed.

Peter Gray said...

i've always loved the poster page in comics...thanks for the upload...loads to look at now..

George Shiers said...

@TwoHeadedBoy - Never heard of the Terrors?! You've missed out.

They remind me of Casey Court, which appeared in Chips around the 1930's. (They were later collected into an excellent book, which I think is still avaliable from

And I think that's as big as the images will go.

@Peter - There are some great poster pages, but strangely enough I never used to like them - I've only been getting into them recently!!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Never heard of them because my oldest Buster comics are from 1973!

Cheers for the Casey Court recommendation, I found it and it's now on my Xmas list.