Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fireworks Fun... and Safety

The above issue of Buster comic library was pulled from the shelves due to the fact that Buster was holding a firework. Despite not being a particulary bad example (take a look at this Wham! cover from Lew Stringer's blog!) its one of the only times I've heard of a comic being pulled from the shelves, and there were only a handful of firework themed Busters ever seen again (it was from about then that Halloween started to become popular on the cover)!

However, flash forwards from 1985 (when the above comic almost went on sale) to 1991, and Buster, as well as giving away a Guy Fawkes mask, also came with a full page advertisement warning about the dangers of fireworks. Strangely enough, despite the free gift not a single strip actually had anything to do with the occasion!

Come right up to last year, and The Dandy had a great fireworks issue with madness everywhere you looked! In Harry Hill there were celebrities sitting on giant fireworks, and Postman Prat tied a whole load of them to his van!

Unfortunatly, there won't be a fireworks Dandy this year, looking through it seems the only fireworks themed strip is Wayne Thompson's Bananaman! Here's a sneak preview!

However, despite the fact that The Dandy isn't doing anything, The Beano certainly is! Quite a few of its strips are devoted to fireworks, including an amazing Dennis the Menace strip by Nigel Parkinson and this puzzle by Stu Munro!

It also comes with a recipe on how to make 100% safe fireworks!

But now I'm revealing too much! Be sure to grab a copy of the latest Beano and Dandy - out now in all good stores for just £1.50 (Beano) and £1.99 (Dandy)!


Colin Cadaver said...

The Dandy is actually £1.99.

George Shiers said...

So it is! When did that happen? :)